how do i create a pdf document to share with others who only have Adobe REader?

I want to create a pdf document.
I have a bunch of document, some are in Word and some are pdf files already. I want to make a file, with a table of contents, that is downloadable and usable by others who only have Adobe Reader. how do I do this?

Janet Frankel

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Hi Janet,

Please see my reply to your other question. Since you have the documents already created, some Word and some PDF- do you want to keep the documents separate or have one large file of all the documents combined? If you have either Acrobat Professional or Standard you can convert the Word documents to PDF then you could combine all the files into one PDF. Then you could add Bookmarks in Acrobat that show up along the left edge of the Adobe Reader window, sort of like a Table of Contents and it is always in view so the reader does not have to navigate back and forth to a TOC page.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

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