how do i create an index in my pdf

Hi There,
I want to create a chapter index in my pdf to make the pdf more easy to use as it is +100 pages. The original file is powerpoint. Can you please inform on how i can build/ implement this. Preferably in the form of a sidebar with all chapters that you can click on.

Thank you for your response

Jorg Regoort

2 Answers

What you're talking about is called "Bookmarks" in the PDF-world. Open the Bookmarks panel on the left of the window and you'll be able to add/edit/delete bookmarks. Notice that the bookmarks hierarchy doesn't have to be flat. You can have bookmarks nested in other ones.


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Gilad D (try67)   

Couldn't the bookmarks be created when the PDF is created from the PowerPoint document. I haven't tried this but it seems since PowerPoint is part of the Office suite and you can create bookmarks from a Word file the same could be accomplished in PowerPoint.

Steven Dayton   

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