how to convert free pdf epub e-books ?

hello, I have a lot of e-books in pdf and other formats, but some e-readers like , oh, this ipad i just bought only support specific formats with their default reader apps. what is the best way convert those pdfs to epub ? thanks

annapurna hiremath

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The best tool to convert between different ebook formats is Calibre ( - sometimes it does a good job on PDFs, other times not so much. But that is the nature of PDF - it's hard to extract content in a way that reflects the original document. What I've done to get a PDF file on my Kindle is to first export the content as MS Word using Adobe Acrobat, and then use that Word file as input to Calibre to create e.g. a MOBI file that I can read on my Kindle.

BTW: The iPad supports PDF ebooks.

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