how do i convert dwg to pdf and pdf to dwg

Have a client using a very very old ACADLT2000. It works just fine yet for those architects that save to DWG. The problem now is many architects save files from ACAD any version to a PDF. My client does not have the ability to do anything with the file other than view it. So the question is - can we use a version of Adobe Acrobat that will work with an old ACADLT2000 program to convert drawings he creates to PDF and to also be able to take documents sent to him in a PDF and convert it back to DWG so he can make changes to it.

todd keating

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Acrobat XI can convert DWG files directly into PDF format without the user needing AutoCAD installed on their computer. If there is no layout already setup then I have found it to be a bit hit-and-miss with the results; especially the modelspace.

Right-click on the DWG file and choose 'Convert to Adobe PDF'.

You can also view and print DWG files and output to PDF format with the free Autodesk® DWG TrueView™ software. This is probably your best bet.


With regards to converting PDF to DWG then I'm afraid this is outside of Acrobat's functionality. There are a lot of PDF to DWG programs out there but none I would recommend particularly.

Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW can convert PDF's to DXF/DWG but please be aware that PDF's do not store the hatches, linetypes, line styles, plot styles etc. Therefore whilst they will export to DXF/DWG you will find that:

- All lines will become splines (but use PEDIT to convert to polylines)
- Hatches will fragment into seperate lines (no easy workaround)
- Dashed lines will fragment (to join selected 'dashes' use PEDIT > MULTIPLE > JOIN (set fuzz distance to slightly exceed gap to join, set JOINTYPE to Add)

By Stephen Phillips   

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