how do i bypass the security enhance Add File as trusted document.

I have a group of PDF forms that need to be filled out by each client. Some of the data that they need to enter is the same in each of the PDFs. So I am using global variable using trusted function to achieve. Its working fine when client save the pdf in one location and make it as a trusted Doc but now client dont want to set doc as a trusted doc every time. advance Thanks for your help!

Note : Client dont want to press(ctrl + k) preference and security(Enhance) then add pdf file as trusted doc.

shanmugam gopalakrishnan

1 Answer

Do you need to use a global variable. It is possible to import and export form field date via an FDF file or using JavaScript to open a properly set up PDF form by another PDF and fill in form fields in the second PDF.

Have you looked at certifying thePDFs?

Withou authorization and security checks the data could be sent anywhere! Security is not designed to make life easy but to keep out the bad guys.

George Kaiser   

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