how do I remove highlights in Acrobat?

I have highlighted text in my PDF.
How do I remove these highlights?
I know how to use the highlight tool but can't find a way to
remove those highlights.

Will Blalock

2 Answers

Select them using the Hand tool and press Delete.

Gilad D (try67)   

If all else fails, just carefully click tools-edit objects. Move the text out of the way, click on the yellow highlight "strip" and delete. Then move the text back - you can click the text so it's invisible border shows and just use your arrows on your keyboard to move back in place. If you cannot grab or click the "yellow highlight strip", you may needed to move more of hte surrounding text out of the way. one of their invisible borders could be in the way of you drawing a box to select the yellow highlight object and delete... I hope this makes sense.

Carol England   

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