how do I number pages in a pdf with Adobe Pro 9

I use a PC and have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. I combine several pdf's into one large document and I want to number all pages.

Susan Brown

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Open the Pages panel.
From the Options menu select "Number Pages".
Configure as desired from within the Page Numbering dialog.
In Acrobat's Preferences select the Page Display category and tick "Use logical page numbers".

Another option.
Document > Header & Footer > Add
In the Add Header and Footer dialog use the "Page Number and Date Format..." and the "Page Range Options" to configure.
Then, with cursor in the dessired input field for header and/or footer text use the "Insert Page Number" button.
Close out of the dialog and "Save As" to refresh the PDF.

If you browse through Acrobat Answers you'll come across other methods as well.

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By David Austin   

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