how do I edit a PDF file in Adobe 9?

I need to edit a PDF file from the sticky notes. Please advise.

Liz Cecil

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Hi Liz,

When you say Adobe do you mean Acrobat 9 or the free Adobe Reader 9 ( Adobe is the company's name not a software product). When you say edit a PDF file from the sticky notes do you mean you want to delete sticky notes?, add sticky notes?

Hope this helps,

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Dimitri Munkirs   

If the Sticky Notes annotation are identifing changes need to be performed to the underlying PDFpage content then here's what you do:
You pull up the authoring (source) file from which the PDF was created and perform the indicated edits to this authoring file. While PDF (the format; as described in ISO 32000) can undergo *minor* edits (most readily accomplished if using Acrobat XI Pro) it does not support major edits to content, layout, format, etc. So, it's back to the authoring file.
Be well...

David Austin   

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