how do I create a signature field in Adobe Acrobat X? I just need to create the field, doc to be signed later

How to add digital signatures using Acrobat Adobe Pro X? I'm currently evaluating Acrobat Adobe Pro X trial version, and see no means to add signature fields. I also would like to organize editable and non-editable text fields and menus in tables. Note that signing of the document will be done later.

If Acrobat Adobe Pro X is not the correct product to do this, what is? Also, can you recommend an SDK (preferably Java) which can edit the PDF created above, tweeking the editables or menus prior to signing? Note that any SDK I use will need to preserve the Reader-enabling properties of the document so that the PDF can be later signed.

Debbie Pierce

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Acrobat (Pro) is absolutely the correct tool to accomplish this. However, keep in mind that the current version is Acrobat XI, which is overall much better than X (IMHO).

You will work in the Forms Edit mode (Tools pane --> Forms --> Edit). There you select the Digital Signature Field tool, and place the field wherever it is needed. With the Text field tool, you place the other fields, and in their respective Properties dialog, you can set them read-only, and/or add default values, and/or add logic.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

For Acrobat XI - (something to try)
If not in Form Editing mode, click Edit in the Forms panel.
In the Tasks panel, choose Add New Field.
Select Digital Signature.
Be well...

David Austin   

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