how do I copying from pdf and use in word without it been blur

while copying from an article in pdf to word, it comes out blurred. what's the problem.

ayodele fatona

2 Answers

It sounds like the article may be a scanned image rather than actual text?

If so, you can try exporting/saving (depending on your version of Acrobat) to a Word document then extract the image out of that or you can export all of the images (in Acrobat X it's Tools>Document Processing>Export all images) from the PDF then use Insert>Image in Word.

If it's still blurry, you have an image with a low resolution. Not much you can do with that other than make it smaller in Word.

Dave Lackey   

This seems to work for me:
1. Copy the image from your PDF into word
2. Right-click on the image and select 'Edit Image' (this may ask if you want a drawing canvas -> yes)
3. Hopefully now you should be admiring a 'crisp' image!

Hopefully this helps you.

Edward James   

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