how do I copy a selection of a scanned receipt in 1 pdf file and paste into another pdf file

I'm organizing some receipts. I scan a receipt for one file and scan another receipt for another pdf file. I want to cut or make a selection in one receipt and drag it into the first pdf file.

I tried making a selection for using the snapshot too and crop tool. I can take a snapshot and paste it into a word doc but not another pdf.


Scott Parat

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The "cut and paste" one is familiar with when using a word processor is not available when using the PDF format/technology.
While minor edits are possible with Acrobat major edits can (and do) goober a PDF such that it is no longer usable.
So, with PDF content from, say, a Word file you'd have renderable text with gives Acrobat something to work with for those minor edits.
However, a PDF containing a scanner's output images provides just that -- images. Images have no text. So, nothing to edit or copy-paste.
For scanned images of textual content in PDF use Acrobat's OCR to provide renderable text.
The output of Searchable Image and Searchable Image (Exact) is hidden/invisible (the characters have no fill, no stroke). Trying to edit this is problematic.
Use of ClearScan would provide an output more amenable to editing. But even with that the content manipulation, as described, is something you'd do with a Word file rather than PDF.
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David Austin   

You can do this in Acrobat XI. Simply use the Snapshot tool to capture the area you want. Open the PDF where you would like to paste the receipt, activate editing mode by clicking on the Edit Text & Images command then select Paste from the Edit menu, context-sensitive menu, or using a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl (Cmd on the Mac) + v.

Here is link to a blog titled Copy and paste portions of PDFwith detailed instructions on how to do ths.

Lori Kassuba   

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