how do I change my last name in my signature?

I recently got married and need to edit my signature in Acrobat Pro. How do I change my name???

Sabrina Caliz

1 Answer

Hi Sabrina,

If you are asking about a Digital Signature you created in Acrobat, then you need to create a new one using your new last name. Acrobat will use the Identity Info for your name when you create a digital ID but it is only the suggested one and you can change it.
To change the Identity Info to your new name go to Edit ->Preferences, click on Identity in the left panel and change you info in the rigth side panel. But as I said, your old digital ID will not automatically change just because you changed the Identity Ino in Preferences- you still need to create a new Digital ID.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

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