how can I tell what Acrobat version

My computer has died and now I need to buy another one used. I'm looking for a macbook pro with the Acrobat X already installed. My question is how can I check to see what version is installed. I don't want to accidentally buy a computer with Acrobat X Standard, I need to have all the features of the Pro version. Where can I look to find out? Some of the guys I've been calling really don't have a clue when I ask them. So can someone guide me so I don't throw my hard earned cutting lawns money away?

Joel Browne

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There is no Standard version averrable for Mac OS, so if you have Acrobat for the Mac, it is Pro. You can easily tell by the "Acrobat" menu item when the application is running: It says "Acrobat Pro"

Acrobat Pro Menu on Mac OS X

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