how do i get Adobe Reader to open a .php file

I am trying to open real estate forms from an online database on my Mac. When i click on the link that should automatically open the PDF in the safari window it only downloads as a .php text only and wont open in Reader. This was never an issue until today....

Dave Turner

2 Answers

PHP is not a format that can be opened by Reader. It's an extention of web-pages created by PHP scripts. Maybe you should contact the admins of the site in question and report the problem to them if you're expecting a PDF file and are getting a PHP page instead.

Gilad D (try67)   

There are contents management systems and database systems which do send scripts to the browsers. These scripts should be interpreted. It seems that in your case, the script (the .php file) gets downloaded but not interpreted.

You mitght try to open it in the browser from your download volume. It may work or may not work.

You might also open it in Textedit, and see if there is any link embedded in the file. However, if it begins with something like


then, it is actually a PDF document; you will then rename it and it will open in Acrobat/Reader.

Finally, you might also check how it works in another browser (such as Camino, which is a lightweight sibling of Firefox.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

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