home many computers can I install Adobe Acrobat XI standard on?

I just bought this product. How many PC's is the product ok to install on?

Francis Hayden

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you can install the acrobat XI license on one Office PC (Primary Machine) and one Home PC (Secondary Machine) as per the EULA
Conditions for this are :
it has to be a volume license (AVL) except for educational volume license
license on the home computer should not be used at the same time as that of the primary machine

you may refer the EULA at the following link for more details


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Pravin Mandlik   

Actually a volume license is not a prerequisite.

Follow the link provided in the first answer.
Select Acrobat XI Standard or Pro.
Both have the same EULA.
This link takes you to the PDF:
Read 2.1.3
This section addresses "Portable or Home Computer Use" and speaks to install of a second copy of the Software for the specific user ("Primary User") usage on a portable computer or a computer located at home.
This would cover a license for the software that an individual purchases.
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David Austin   

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