find my printer in Windows 8

Adobe Acrobat works with Windows 8, but doesn't see my wireless printer. How can I force adobe to rescan my network.

David Zane

2 Answers

You may have to check the connection of your pinter to your computer, test the printer settings to see if it functions in another program. If it does, then you need to check your printer settings, such as making sure it is your default printer for computer and making sure it listed through Acrobat as well.

Since you didn't mention what version you are running, if you are running Acrobat 9 or lower, you might have issues with running the software properly, but if you are running X, make sure your updated to 10.1.4 and if you are running XI, there are no known updates at this time.

Michael Anderson   

Just an observation.
Acrobat does not "scan networks".
OS compatiable printer drivers are made available to installed applications (such as Acrobat) by the OS.
Be well...

David Austin   

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