failed to load an application internal error

I have Adobe Reader XI on Windows 7. New Operating System. It was freezing after i click ANYwhwere! "Not Responding" and force close.
So I uninstalled Adobe Reader XI, restarted windows, Re-installed Adobe Reader XI from YOUR site. Now I can open a PDF, but Im getting an error every time I click anywhere on a PDF file.

"failed to load an application internal error"

Please Help

Matt Hook -
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Matthew Hook

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Matt, this is a user to user community, not the Adobe support site, so you are talking to other users, just like you - which also means you've just published your email to everybody on this site (or anybody using Google). I'll flag this message to that an admin can remove it.

I would start by repairing Adobe Reader - you can find this option under the Help menu. Does that fix the problem?

Karl Heinz Kremer
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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

Ohh, im sorry. Man i feel stupid! ok, well..

I tried the auto repair and its still doing it.

Matthew Hook   

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