error msg: "can't find acrobat.exe" when I try to combine Adobe files, have Adobe 9 and Reader 10

I have Adobe 9 and Reader 10, when I open files it defaults to Reader 10. When I try to combine files, it says that it can't find the acrobat.exe file. I then have to close the files, open Adobe 9 then open the file and try to combine the files. Not very practical. How to fix this?

Amar Shrivastava

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I assume be Adobe 9 you mean Acrobat 9? That is the basis for the below answer, if that is incorrect let me know.

It is best not to have Acrobat & Reader installed on the same system. I would suggest removing Reader 10, rebooting, running a repair of Acrobat 9 [to properly associate it with .PDF files & fix any registry issues] and checking for updates in Acrobat 9. This should solve the problem. You could also upgrade to Acrobat 10.

If you are unable to remove Reader 10 & need them both installed the best option would be to open Acrobat then open the PDF from within Acrobat, instead of opening the file directly from the file browser. You can also change the default program for opening the file to Acrobat by right clicking on the PDF -> Open With -> Choose Default Program then selecting Acrobat. Tick the box for 'Always use this program to open this kind of file'.

By Rob Head   

That might be one of the reasons why Adobe recommends not mixing different versions and different products and having both Acrobat and Reader installed.

Acrobat X/Reader X is the first version that does not have this restriction. But is only valid when both Acrobat and Reader are the same version.

George Kaiser   

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