email error message with outlook

I recently upgraded to Office 2013, and their Outlook program comes with it. Which is my default emailer. But now, each time I open a PDF file or Adobe Reader (the most up to date version), I get an error message saying it cannot use Outlook. I've done several checks on Outlook to make sure it's the default emailer, but I'm still getting the error message, and as a result, cannot email any files directly from the Adobe Reader program. What else should I try? (I've also run a 'repair' on Adobe Reader installation.)

Linda C

2 Answers

Have you checked the following preference in Reader XI? Edit > Preferences > Email accounts.

Lori Kassuba   

Well, I may have a work around. I don't know which version of Adobe Acrobat that Adobe started having the program default to showing a panel on the right side of the window but this panel looks like the root of the problem. The panel shows Tools / Sign In / and Comments. Simply click on the words Tools / Sign In / Comments (whichever one you have showing) to make the panel go away. Exit acrobat. Execute acrobat. Error is gone. Renable panel. Error will reappear almost immediately.

My experience is the message only shows when one of these panels are visible. I tested on Acrobat Reader X and XI with the same result. Hiding the panel gets rid of the error.



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