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I have created a form whereby I press the email button and the form is then attached to an email as an attachment. Converted to Adobe Acrobat X Pro and the button no longer works. What javascript and/or information do I use to update the button?

Kim Snyder

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You are correct in that there are new restrictions on menu item execution. But this is not the correct way to do it anyway. Use a submit action.

Set the submit action options to submit the entire PDF and then enter the email address into the submit URL field using this syntax:

This article explains the details.

By Thom Parker   

What do you mean by "Converted to Adobe Acrobat X"? How did you setup the "email button" in the first place?

There is no different between how Acrobat/Reader emails a form in X and pretty much any previous version. It's not the email function that has changed, it's something that was done to the PDF.

Thom Parker
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Thom Parker   

1.go to tools
2. content
3. select object
4. click now on email button blue borders will appear
5. double click
6. go to actions
7. select mouse inter
8. in action select submit form add email address to which you want to send the form


thom parkers is right
when entering adress you have to type mailto:
after this enter email address


Created an Attach to Email button in 9 Pro. It works in Acrobat 9 Pro but it does not work when the same document is opened in Reader X.

Go figure!!

In Reader X -> File -> Attach to Email it strips the form data and just sends the unfilled form. Pro works fine.

More figure!!

carl schoendorfer   

To send the entire PDF in Reader requires Reader Extensions.
Watch the videos here (particularly "Reader Vs Acrobat"):

Thom Parker   

using mailto: ... works fine with Acrobat Pro but Adobe Reader gives the message "This Operation is not Permtted".

carl schoendorfer   

Did you watch the video?

And to repeat. To submit the entire PDF in Reader Requires Reader Extensions (also called Reader Rights).

Thom Parker   

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