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I have fire evacuation drawings in .pdf fomat and I want to add lines to show fire walls. How can I do this with Adobe Acrobat X Pro?

Jim Caffrey

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You must select all using the "Object tool", then right-clic: Edit in Illustrator.
Otherwise you can use Acrobat's Comment tools.


By JR Boulay   

As JR noted - Go to Acrobat X's tools. Try the line tool. You may find that having the grid show and going to a higher page zoom will help.
Most times such "additions" benefit from being flattened.
Use Acrobat XI Pro's Prflights to do this. There's an "out of the box" Preflight profile for this.
Be well..

David Austin   

Flatten is one of my free abracadabraTools features, it's more useful than the Preflight.
==> http://abracadabrapdf.net/articles.ph...

The Pen tool should be useful too.


JR Boulay   

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