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eSignature field, and what I can do with it?

hi guys!! need help with an eSignature Field on my dynamic form,
please verify..
I can't fire the eSignature from any event on another field or button?
Changing the presence level of the eSignature filed (hidden, visible) halts all code following the change?
Validation of other fields (should they fail) on the preSign event does not stop the Signature process?

my situation...
submit button on the form validates 3 or 4 fields, and if they fail, sets focus on each field until all of them pass the validation. It then checks to see if the eSignature has been attached, and stops the submit process until the Sig is attached.
I need the same validation on the eSignature field, so that it doesn't lock you out of completing the required fields, causing you to fail the validation.
every scenario I have tried fails because of the above mentioned hurdles.
any ideas?

david smith 1211 days ago

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Signing is a privileged operation. It can be completely controlled with a script from a trusted context. But, in a normal document context the user must select the signature field to sign. A document can be made trusted by saving it as certified. It is then trusted for those users with one of the digital IDs used in the certification. This works well for secure workflows, but isn't much use for general operation. It also doesn't work well for signature workflows.

By the same token, there is no way to block a signature once the user click on the field. And once the form is signed, any further changes will likely invalidate the signature. You're best option is to use a calculation script on another field to make the signature field invisible until all fields are valid.

Thom Parker
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Thanks Thom, for all your great help!
I tried this exact method several different ways, but never quite found the solution, that worked out with my specific workflow.
I ended up using the "button over" method.
A button over the signature field, (button properties set to no effect, no color, and no text), when a user clicks it, it runs through the same validations my Submit button does. If all comes back valid, the button hides, and brings up a pop, that then instructs them how to attach the signature, and follow through with submission. I've also seen this called a two-click method, snce the user is clicking twice to sign. the catch is they don't know anything about the validation unless it finds a problem, so it appears to be "informative" as to the signing, and submission.

david smith answered 1207 days ago  |   Comments (0)  |  New Comment


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