docx files?

I receive "docx" format documents and my PC can't open them. I updated to Adobe XI but still no go...Please help

Caroline Barbeau

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As you are asking this question in the "Adobe Reader" section, I guess, it is correct to assume that you are using Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader opens PDF documents, and that's it.

Therefore, if you have docx files, you will need something which can handle this type of file. The application creating docx files is Microsoft Word, but if you don't have that on your machine, you may also look at OpenOffice (which comes along with a non-beatable price tag (it is available for free)).

Actually, with OpenOffce, you can export a PDF, which you then can open in Adobe Reader.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

By Max Wyss   


The computer requires MS-Word or OpenOffice (Opensource software) to be able to open .docx files.
Acrobat requires MS-Word to be able to directly open .docx documents and to convert them into PDF.


JR Boulay   

Docx is an MS Word file format. Microsoft has free viewers for Word Excel and Power Point. You could also use's free office suite to view the docx file.

George Kaiser   

1. You can open docx file in Microsoft Word 2007 onwards, or use OpenOffice if you have (it will save a lot of trouble)

2. If you are using Office 2003 or later, try to download a small program called Office File Format converter in Microsofts Website. It will enable you to open docx, xlsx, pptx files without upgrading to 2007.

3. If you want to convert your office files to PDF you can export it using OpenOffice (if you already have it)
or you can download a PDF printer such as PDF Creator or CutePDF for your to virtually print your file which would result into a PDF file.

Hope this would help.

Rollan BaƱez   

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