custom icons on the toolbar for actions

I have many actions in the toolbar, and all have the same icon and always confused me, I can do that every action has a different icon in the bar?

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You cannot create custom toolbar icons for Actions. If you can express your Action completely in JavaScript, you can create a folder level JavaScript that gets triggered via a custom tool button (or a custom menu item).

Karl Heinz Kremer
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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

If you can write your entire action to run under the "Execute A Javascript" command, then you can create write the function in a folder level script and execute it from a toolbar button with a custom icon. Converting an image to an icon with the correct dimensions and reading it so it functions on the Acrobat toolbar can be tricky so I developed a tool that will let you create such a toolbar button in a couple of seconds.




David Dagley   

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