creating a table of contents?

How does one create a table of contents for a lengthy pdf file?

Gareth Davies

2 Answers

There's no built-in function to do that in Acrobat. This is usually something that should be done in the file from which the PDF was created, like Word.

However, if you have a bookmarks structure in your file, you can use this tool I've developed to convert it into a clickable TOC:

Gilad D (try67)   

Hi folks,

Many thanks for the valuable information. It is sometimes said that a book is only as good as its TOC . I am not sure about that, but I have several novels and many short stories and what you describe would greatly enhance what passes for the TOC in these stories at the moment. :- )

Have a peaceful day, all of you. I shall try.

Thanks again, I shall definitey follow this through,


Gareth Davies   

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