create a popup window when hovering over a word

I need to be able to create a PDF with interactive elements to it, for example, my boss would like the PDF to have the capability to display a short description in a popup window when a user hovers their cursor over a word or do i do this?

Eddie Mellon

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You create two form fields. One to trigger your popup and the second one that is your popup, containing the text you want to show. The trigger field needs to be invisible, so you need to change it's appearance so that it does not show up when the user moves the mouse over it, or clicks on it (I usually use a button field for that). enter image description here

Then you mark the popup as hidden and create two actions for the trigger field like this:

Show/Hide field

In the mouse enter/exit actions, you show/hide the popup field.

All you need to do now is to mark the popup field as read-only and you should be all set.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

You can use a form field to do that. I like to use transparent buttons. You can set their "tooltip" value to the value you want to show and place them over the word or phrase in question.

If you need to do this for all the instances of a certain word/phrase in a file, you might want to consider a more automated approach, like this tool I've developed: Acrobat -- Add Tooltip Text to Key Words or Phrases


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Gilad D (try67)   

Following the instructions given: I create a button field over the word or phrase, then i enter no fill for color and border under the appearance tab, then i create the two actions as described with show and hide characteristics relative to the action...where am I typing the definition though?

Also, when i tested this, i saw no change in the cursor when i hovered over the text...

Eddie Mellon   

Take a look at this sample file:

Karl Heinz Kremer
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Karl Heinz Kremer   

You can use form fields as noted and hide/show a form field, as noted.

It is also possible to use the link tool and hide/show a field or even hide or show an annotation.

You will have to add either a from field or a link and add code to hide or show some text or use a form field with a tool tip and have the form field unprotected but coded to not accept any entry.

George Kaiser   

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