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I have a pdf file that 56.7 mb in size. When I use the online export service it tries to convert for about 10 min but ends with an error message that says it could not complete the conversion. Is there a size limitation for the conversion service?

deborah cane

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Yes, there is a size limit, but you are just barely above the half way point: It's 100MB (see for more information).

Are you uploading via the web interface, or via Adobe Reader? If you are using Reader, you may want to try to upload directly to and see if you get better results this way. If it's still not working, you should get in touch with the EportPDF customer support, only they can take a look behind the curtain and find out what's going on with your PDF file.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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a practical way to covert a scanned PDF to MS word is to export (or 'print') to TIFF. then open the TIFF in Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI, comes with MS Office Pro). MODI has a tool that performs OCR and opens the result in MS word.

Reid Bogert   

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