configuration error 16

Acrobat Pro 11 installed under Windows 8.1. When you launch the program you get the message "configuration error. reinstall the product if the problems persists contact Adobe support, error code 16"
Tried several time to deinstall/reisntall, even using the Adobe ITtoolls cleaner, no way ! I'm still stuck with the same error. Any help ?

didier vertommen

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Have you visited this link: ?
There are instructions there to resolve the error in Windows 8.

By Almir R V Santos   

#V Santos
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I did try this solution. However the procedure is for Windows 8.0 so some of the menu described are different in my configuration Windows 8.1 although Im logged in as an administrator.
Anything else to try ?

didier vertommen   

Sorry but I can only suggest that you contact Customer Care:

Almir R V Santos   

Customer care seems to just keep pushing for the Cloud.

Kalen Grenzebach   

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