change default open size in Acrobat Pro XI

All documents in my Acrobat XI Pro open at 201% for some reason. Is there a way to change the default setting to open all documents at, say, 100%? Novel idea, I know, but hopefully there is a solution.

John Baker

2 Answers

Open up Acrobat's preferences, go to the "Page Display" category and change the default zoom level from "Automatic" to e.g. 100%. This will only work for documents that do not have their own default zoom setting.

Karl Heinz Kremer   


you can paste this script it will helpful for your and other also while open the document in same size

On Left hand side you can find "Page Thumbnails"

Select the First Page and Right Click then

Select the Page Properties then dialog box while open Select the "Action Tab"

There you can find "Select Action" DropDown in that Select "Run the Javascript"

Javascript Editors while open there you can Paste

this.zoomType = zoomtype.fitP;

Srinivasan Rajendran   

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