cannot update adobe reader it will not let me

I cannot update adobe reader file version it keeps saying error 1406.could not write value to key \software\classes\ acroexch.fdfdoc.\shell\open\command. verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel what does this mean what do i need to do can someone please tell me or is this an error on adobe's side and not mine i want to try and fix this on my own but need a little help so what exactly is the problem ? i'm using microsoft windows vista home premium browser fire fox and internet explorer 32 bit operating system

Gus Rojas

2 Answers

Almir R V Santos   

For a number of reasons, upgrades of the free Reader can fail. Because Reader is a free download, I usually don't even bother to try to fix the problem, I just uninstall the version currently installed, and then download and install the latest version.

If this still fails, follow the instructions in the link that Almir provided. If this still does not work, there is one more thing you can try: Adobe's Cleaner tool allows you to remove any trace of Acrobat or Reader from your system, so uninstall Reader, run the Cleaner from and try to install again.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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Karl Heinz Kremer   

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