can i have acrobat pro 9 and acrobat pro X installed on the same machine?

Why after I installed Acrobat Pro X the old version (Acrobat Pro 9) disappeared? Are they incompatibles? This is not true for example with Photoshop or Illustrator

Kripke Robert

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Adobe only supports one installed version of Acrobat on your system. When I say "supports", that does not mean that two you cannot install two versions, but if something goes wrong, you will not get any help from Adobe.

The default behavior of the installer is to remove any previous version, but you can override that during the installation. The only thing that will limit you in installing Acrobat 9 again is that there is already a newer version of Acrobat installed, so the installer for the earlier version will not let you continue, so you will have to remove Acrobat X again, then install 9, followed by X (and selecting to keep the previous version).

Again, if something goes wrong, then you are on your own.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

If you use Windows, you won't be able to install two different versions of Acrobat on the same system. Although it is possible to install multiple versions of other Adobe products, that is not true for Acrobat Pro.

Please note that Adobe does not support installation of multiple versions of Acrobat on the same machine. Because Acrobat work with many products, multiple versions simultaneously installed can lead to software conflicts and errors.

Almir R V Santos   

To add to Karl's answer, Ps, Id, etc. do not have the deep integration into other applications and OS functions that of Acrobat. Such as MS Office, virtual printer, browsers, etc.

There are only two reasons that I can think of that you might want to have both installed - creating version upgrade documentation, and LCD.

Anyhow... I've run multiple versions of Acrobat within Windows for many, many versions. At one point, I had four versions installed. Your best bet is to leave the older one installed (or install it first), then install the newer one. That way you reap the benefits of the newer version's application integration, virtual printer, etc., but are still able to launch the older version as needed.

If you are thinkinking of installing the second vesion in order to be able to have two PDFs launched at the same time - don't. A much simpler way is to add a /n to the target line on a short cut's properties... so it reads like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\>MajorVersion<\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" /n
Double click on the short cut and you get a completely new, memory independent, copy of Acrobat. As with multiple versions, this is not supported and may disappear at any time.

Good luck.

Douglas Hanna   

Almir, you can have multiple versions, even on Windows. It's not recommended, and definitely not supported, but as long as you select "Ignore" on the "Previous Version Warning" dialog in the installer, it will install the 2nd (or 3rd) version:

Previous Version Warning

This may not work with Acrobat DC anymore - depending on which installer you have. The first release removed all older versions without warning.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

Thanks Karl. but I don't think the installer (CS6) allowed me to ignore previous versions like on your screenshot

Kripke Robert   

There are only two reasons that I can think of that you might want to have both installed

There is a 3rd reason: Action wizard is slow and bugged, unlike Acrobat 9 batch tool which is still faster and more reliable than in any later version.

I always kept Acrobat 9 with Acrobat X, XI and now DC.

JR Boulay   

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