any tool for adding a drop down calendar

I need to add a drop down calendar or a spot to auto populate the calendar. I have selected the correct date format and added the following java script

var fld = this.getField("today"); fld.value = util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy",new Date());

what am I doing wrong


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You can download a free popup calendar here:

The download is a sample file with instructions for adding it to your own file.

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By Thom Parker   

This script will add today's date, not insert a drop-down calendar.


David Dagley, CFP®
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David Dagley   

for some reason when i get out edit mode when i click on the text field in which i added the script the date will not auto populate


Following a comment…

If the code is within the field where the date should appear, the syntax has to be modified, because a field can not reference to itself via its name.

The code can be placed at two places, depending on how the field is used. If it is the result of a calculation (or part of a calculation), it would be in the Calculate event of the field, and the code would look like:

event.value = util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", new Date() ) ;

and that's already it. Using this event means that the date will be updated every time, some value somewhere in the form gets changed (because it is part of the Calculation chain).

If the current date should appear when the user clicks in the field, you would run the following in the MouseDown event (the more logical MouseUp does not work in this case): = util.printd("dd/mm/yyyy", new Date() ) ;

and that's it again.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

BTW, shameless plug: I happen to have developed a date picker which is very lightweight, and highly and easily configurable (and which does display the correct date for any day). If interested to license it, feel free to contact me in private (the eMail address is in my profile).

Max Wyss   

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