and rohit, if i may... from your suggested link regarding incompatibility how do

i use the 'work around' method that tells me to:

Save the PDF file from Safari to the computer, and then open it directly in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

a. how do i save the file to the computer??
b. how do i open it in adobe reader??

sorry to still be perplexed. what the heck is with adobe and mac re compatibilty??

jack hibbard

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Ctrl+Click on the google search result and not the safari address bar.

For e.g.
If your search result goes like this then you Ctrl+click on pdf link ("Using Adobe Rear X" in this case)

If you still want to view pdf in browser then try the workarounds suggested by Adobe
Apple Safari 5.1 and Adobe Reader/Acrobat Advisory
(i already posted this link in one of your earlier posts)

By Rohit Anand   

a) To save a pdf file on the computer

1. Cmd+Click on the pdf link in google search result in safari and click "Donwload Linked File As"

2. Save the file at desired location.

b) Open the file in Adobe Reader
Now double click on the downloaded pdf to open it with Adobe Reader (It should work if Reader is installed correctly). If double click does not work the Cmd+click on the pdf file and choose "Open with". A dialog will pop up, browse to locate Reader application and click open.

hope it helps,

Rohit Anand   

i tried control click. and even highlighted the link in the safari address box. could not come up with the download link option.

also tried to use file/save as for highlighted link and was told that the pdf file could not be exported.

i appreciate your efforts to help me resolve this so you and i can move on to other matters.

but so far i remain stuck with safari/adobe incompatibility.


thanks for all your efforts. any other ideas??

jack hibbard   

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