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How do I change my settings to create a PDF that will not restrict document assembly

RM Bulgrin

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Hi RM,

If Document Assembly is shown as Not Allowed in the File-Properties Security tab then the PDF has a Password applied to it. If you know the Password, then you can change the Security settings ( in Acrobat 8 and 9 under the Advanced tab, and in Acrobat X it is in the Tools panel under Protection-Encrypt). If you do not know the password you can't change it.

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By Dimitri Munkirs   

Note that Acrobat (and other Adobe PDF authoring applications) bundles the 10 individual document permissions in some odd ways. In particular it bundles this permission with others in ways that may not allow for any reasonable setting that allows document assembly. You may have to get a third-party application that allows you to just change the setting for document assembly, and change all the settings individually.

See my blog post in exactly this area, from an end user perspective:
Note the screen shots of the effects of different Acrobat settings on the final PDF permissions. Sigh.

Thomas Phinney   

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