adobe does not recognize my hp printer says I must install a printer before I can print ????

I have reinstalled both Adobe and my Hp photosmart C4240 printer and still nothing. When I try to print a Adobe PDF window pops up and reads something to the effect of you must install a printer in order to do print related task??

Please help
James R Vanya

James R Vanya

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I would say that there is a good possibility that there is something incorrect with your printer installation. Acrobat (and by extension Reader) actually communicate with the printer installations. This behavior is to find out what capabilities of the machine are and to maximize them as much as possible.

I would try uninstalling the printer - and all of it's components.
Rebooting your machine.
Reinstalling he printer - try to do as minimal printer install as possible - don't install the tools that give you the ink monitors and all that other stuff that tends to just get in the way of things. Just the minimal needed to make marks on the paper.
Make sure that the printer is working correctly by printing a test page.
Make sure that the printer is working correctly by printing form another tool, such as notepad.
Create/find the simplest PDF you have and see if you can print that.

Finally - check the Advanced printing features found in Acrobat or Reader - sometimes these can cause a lot of headaches as well.

Printing is where the computer meets the physical world - and in essance - it's backside. Printing can be just as messy.

Keep plugging - you'll get it working.


Douglas Hanna   

I don't know the answer yet because I am still looking for it, but James answer is as bogus as it comes.

All of my other programs (MS Office, Hotmail, Firefox, Chrome,Gmail, etc.) print just fine to the printers installed both locally and on my network. Acrobat is the only application that will not recognize my printers.

To say that the printers/computer/installation are the cause is simply lazy and arrogant.

Donald Koch   

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