adobe reader error code 1014:1014

I can't open pdf files on the net anymore after installing Reader XI. I uninstalled it, rebooted, etc., to no avail.

Christine Pinto

2 Answers

Something may have gotten corrupted on your system. I would unintall Reader, then use the Reader Cleanup Tool ( and install it again. If that does not help, you can try to modify the settings in Reader's Preferences>Internet category. Try e.g. to turn off all three settings and see if that makes Reader work again. If that works, turn one on at a time and retry.

Karl Heinz Kremer

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Karl Heinz Kremer   

I had the same problem.

In Control panel-programs, i saw the Windows PDF-reader programme.

I uninstalled it, and suddenly Adobe reader were able to open the PDF file I tried to open on a website.

Marius Sollerud   

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