acrobat x pro exporting comments to csv

What is going on with me? I've been able to export my measurements or comments made with "measuring tool" to .CSV - but now I don't remember and I cannot find any info online....Was I on another planet last time (last month) when I was able to do this?


How do I export the comments made from measuring tool to csv format so I can use with spreadsheets???

Kelly Wilson

1 Answer

Measurement annotations will show in the Comments List. So, display the Comments pane then open the Comments List.

If you have other Comment or Markup annotations on a given PDF you may want to open the Filter dialog (available off the Comments List). Perhaps a filter by "Type".
Note that the Perimeter and Area Tools are Polygon annotations not Line annotations.
The Snap Types are Line annotations.

Open the Comments List's Options menu.

The Export options are:
--| Export Selected to Data File (this will be a *.fdf file)
--| Export All to Data File (this will be a *.fdf file)
--| Export to Word (a Windows only)
--| Export to AutoCad (a Windows only option)

With that said, *.csv output isn't a choice afforded one by Acrobat for export of annotations.

David Austin   

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