Why wont PDF Open when i click on a PDF link online?

black window opens when i click on a PDF link online

debbie vine

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The Acrobat plug-in is not compatible with System 10.7. If you remove the Acrobat plug-in, then you should be able to use Mac OS X.7's capability to view pdfs. It will not have all the functionality that the Acrobat plug-in used to have. As an alternative you can download the pdfs you want to view and then open them in Acrobat.

By Michael Kazlow   

Can you give us more information. What version of Acrobat are you using? What OS? What browser? Does this happen for all links or just some links? If it is only some links, then those links may have been configured to save the linked file to the download directory you have chosen for your browser.

Michael Kazlow   

Thanks for your answer. My Browser - safari 5.1.2 MAC 10.7.2 OS X
This happens every link all the time. How do I change the download to view?
Acrobat 10.1.1

I cant view your questions from here so i think i answered all of them ... ill check and get back here with more info.


debbie vine   

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