Why won't my computer let me open any pdf files

My computer refuse to let me opne any files!Evry time i try to opne anything it ask me which porgram to use and i choice adobe reader 9.1,my only choice.Then, it say"Adobe Reader could not open 'iexplore.exe.'becasue it is eityher not a suppported file type or because the file has been damaged)for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasnt correctlydecoded). it give me this message with everything i try and open. PLEASE HELP

colton lott

1 Answer

This is because the file association in the operating system thinks it is to open iexplore.exe What you can try is right clicking on a .pdf file and select properties. Below the file name you will see "Type of file:" below that is "Opens with" Click the button named "Change" when you do you can then select adobe reader. It might be a possibility that you will have to click the browse button at the bottom and navigate to where reader is installed.

Easier than the directions above is to just download and install the latest version of adobe reader and it should fix the file association problem you have.

Mel Herndon   

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