Why won't the "export to pdf" command work as it has always done in older version?

I have been using Acrobat 6 until I bought new computer with windows 7 and had to upgrade. I purchased Acrobat 9 and am not able to create pdf files from Quark, Word or Excel. I've also tried to create PDF files by going to the print command and selecting the Adobe PDF printer, no luck! My main concern is exporting Quark files to PDF as I do full color newsletters and send pdf proofs via email. Are there any special drivers I need to install or other settings in either Acrobat or the program I want to convert files from?

Geneva Strom

1 Answer

Have you applied the latest updates to Acrobat 9? Acrobat 9.2 was the first version to officially support Windows 7.
Does your version of Quark support Windows 7 as well?

Lori Kassuba   

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