Why is my pdf printing to file instead of to printer selected? (Acrobat Pro 10)

Recently I have been unable to print to a physical printer (to print hard copy). Regardless of which printer is selected in the Printer dialog box, Acrobat tries to print to file - a ps file. In earlier versions, I believe there was a "Print to File" box that could be unchecked, but I can't find anything like that and can't figure out what setting to change to go back to being able to print to a physical printer. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?

Gillian Bolde

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Yes, you are correct.

Acrobat X relocated it. Saw that the other day when looking for Acrobat's "page setup".
The laptop with Acrobat X isn't with me just now so I cannot point you to the specific location.
While viewing the dialog (you screen capture) click "Page Setup", "Properties", "Advanced".
It is in one of the dialogs associated with these.
Similarly, the pre-Acrobat X File -- Page Setup was relocated to the dialog that contains the print to file choice.

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By David Austin   

Has the "Print to file" option in the Acrobat Print screen been checked?

George Kaiser   

The "Print to file" box is near the bottom left corner of the Print dialog box in my version of Acrobat Pro 10.

Ron Toews   

Here's a screen print of the dialog box. I've searched for the "print to file" checkbox that was present in earlier versions, but cannot find it. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help!

Gillian Bolde   

in print dialogue box click on advanced and uncheck "print to file"

Paul Sall   

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