Why can't I print pdf documents from the internet?

Suddenly I am unable to print pdf documents from the internet. Not only is the print box laid out differently than normal,the print box doesn't look like it usually does, seems like the letters overlap each other. When I try to print, nothing happens and there are no unprinted documents showing when I check the printer's status. I am able to print pdf forms stored on my own computer. I also found that I can work around this by saving the form and then printing it. I open Adobe files using Acrobat 9. Note that I did have other problems with Adobe the previous day and I used the repair feature (which seemed to work on those problems)

Lisa Shallow

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I didn't know how to edit my question so I will add this. When I close a pdf document from the internet - whether or not I have attempted to print it - I get a message that Internet Explorer has stopped working/looking for a solution. I get the feeling the problem is with Adobe and the internet and has little or nothing to do with my printer

Lisa Shallow   

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