Why does the PDF printer in Acrobat Pro XI fail to print????

I have bought a new computer and installed Acrobat Pro XI. The PDF printer is available for selection when I want to "print" an Excel file but it hangs up and fails to print the pdf file. Does the PDF printer not work as it always has with previous versions? I had this problem on my laptop also. Both machines have Win 7 pro. I noticed the same problem with Acrobat X Pro.


2 Answers

Are you getting any error messages?

What version of MS Office are you using?

Does this only happen with Excel?

Can you use the "Save as..." and selected the PDF format?

What happens?

Have you installed the PDF Maker?

George Kaiser   

Speaking to you comment re: Office 64 bit.
Acrobat's PDFMaker-compatible applications.
Starting with Acrobat X's PDFMaker (starting with update 10.1) support for some Office 2010 64 bit applications was provided.

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David Austin   

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