Why can't I use two-sided printing in Acrobat Pro X on my Mac mini Server when it works on my MacBook Air?

Every time I try to print a pdf using 2-sided printing on my Mac min server, I get an error message saying that "The document could not be printed." When I click OK, I get the follow-up message that "There were no pages selected to print."

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat, but it STILL does not work. Why not? It works just fine on my MacBook Air using the same exact settings.

Anthony Fama

2 Answers

Hi Tony,
Does it happen just with Acrobat or with any other application on your Mac Mini when you try to print 2-sided?
If it happens with other applications you need to check your printer driver (which you may have forgotten to indicate the duplex capability…)
Just an idea. Hope it helps.

Leonel Coelho   

Hi Anthony,
Have you tried to repair Acrobat installation (menu 'Help' > 'Repair Acrobat Installation>)?
Hope this helps.

Leonel Coelho   

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