Why is it that I can not use highlighting in Reader X on a Reader Enabled form?

Why is that I can not allow highlighting on a PDF form?

There has to be a reason that commenting is not available for a PDF form, even when reader enabled.

Dave Enfield

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The Reder Enabling functionality in Acrobat Pro is extremely limited, and it has been a decision by Adobe that Forms Rights and Commenting Rights are mutually exclusive.

If you need both rights together, you will have to take out the big purse and shell out the money for the Reader Extensions server, aka ARES…

By Max Wyss   

Does the document contain text, or is it from a scan? If the latter, there isn't any text to highlight, so the text highlight tool can't work.

If you know that there is text in the document, what does the Document Restrictions Summary show: File > Properties > Security

George Johnson   

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