Where did my Snap shot file go

I created a logo in powerpoint and saved it as a jpg. Went to staples and the guy saved it as a pdf/A-1B where is gave it better resolution for printing puposes. He then told me to put it back as a jpg but I have not be able to do that. I went into edit and took a snap shot of it and i do not know where the snap shot file goes to. I can not find it. Ultimately I want to take this high res logo that is in PDF and convert it to a jpg.

Ellen Blank

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The Snapshot tool puts a copy of what is selected to the clipboard (in Windows). A paste or paste special can place the copy. You may find that the image quality of the copy takes a hit.
With Acrobat Pro you could try an export of the image.

David Austin   

When you take a snapshot, the image data goes to the clipboard. It would be better to use Acrobat to save any image. Exactly how you do this depends on which version you have. For example, in Acrobat 9 you can export images by selecting: Advanced > Document Processing > Export All Images

George Johnson   

Picking up from your other post...

Some amplification about the "clipboard". Windows provides a system clipboard which will hold information from a copy (Ctrl+C).
In XP there is a clipboard viewer (clipbrd.exe).
Neither Vista nor Win7 provide a viewer.
To drop system clipboard information into some application you'd use a paste or paste special.
After using Acrobat's Snapshot tool paste the system clipboard content into a photo/image editing application to check the image quality.
I suspect an "Export" from Acrobat will provide better results. With that said, first go into Acrobat's Preferences.
In the "Convert from PDF" category you will see supported graphics/image formats. You can use the "Edit Settings" button to adjust how Acrobat will handle the export.

David Austin   

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