When opening file w/Reader, I receive error window with on question mark '?". Close window 4-5 times & file opens

When attempting to open a file with Adobe Reader, I receive window with just the word ADOBE and a ?.

I close this window several times (3 - 5, for example) and finally the file will open.

Henry Greener

1 Answer

Which Reader version are you using and what os are you on?
Do you face this issue with all the pdf or a particular one? Try to open some other pdf. Open the following link and save the pdf on your system and then try to open it with Reader.

In case your Reader is not up to date, kindly update it to the latest version via Updater (Help menu -> Check for Updates). Latest version for Reader 9 is 9.5.0 and for Reader X is 10.1.2


Rohit Anand   

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