When I save my Word document to PDF - how do I save my bookmarks/anchor points?

I have a very detailed 29 page WORD document created in MAC 2008 - it has tables on it (that all fit very neatly on my page - checked that!) Each page is anchored back to the the TOC on the front page. This works beautifully in my WORD doc. Now I want load it on to my website - as a PDF - but all of the bookmarks disappear when I save it as a PDF. Have tried saving it & printing it to PDF.

Am using MAC OS 10.5, only have Adobe reader BUTthat should not make any diff, right???

Please use laymans terms & very new to this & very frustrated....

Jo MacKenzie

1 Answer

Actually, the reason you are not able to do this is because you have just Adobe Reader, and therefore can't use the PDFMaker plugin that comes with Acrobat and that preserves a lot of information (bookmarks, links, etc.), that is lost when using oher PDF converters.

Gilad D (try67)   

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