When I print my PDF, some letters are missing. Why?

When I print my PDF, some letters are missing. Why?

Symeon Moudrakis

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it often happens that the fonts used for a document aren't embedded into a PDF or only partially.
The reason ist either a restriction of the used font or a poor PDF converter setting or qualitiy.
So when you print such files it can happen, that the printer driver tries to substitute the fonts with the printer fonts but cannot find a surrogate for any character so it's then missing.

You probably can bypass such problems by activating the option "Print as Image" under the Advanced settings in Adobe Reader's/Acrobat's print dialog.

Marcus Radzuweit   

Rather than reliance on some workaround of code, alert, extra instructions associated with getting the teacher to "print as image" why not master the content with one of the ubiquitous fonts (Arial, Verdana, etc.). Configure a Distiller job option that embeds all fonts / font sub-sets for the PDF creation. When the teacher prints the PDF there'll be no surprises.

Be well...

David Austin   

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