When I apply a stamp, save the document then reopen, there's a big blank box with an "X" through it. Any ideas?

I've created a custom stamp with an image and dynamic date and user name stamp (using Thom Parker's great suggestions.) Once a stamp is placed, the document saved and then reopened by another computer, there's a big blank box with an "X" through it where the stamp image used to be. The stamp properties are still there, just no image.
Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Morrey

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The problem was due to a bug in Acrobat X. The XML on export was not being fully populated. Working with Adobe, we were able to get a fix that is now in Acrobat XI. (Thanks Adobe.)

BTW: This problem may be manifest in doing shared reviews using complex stamps with graphics. Upgrade to Acrobat XI and it will go away.

By Richard Morrey   

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